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Cookies and Canvas event a fun time at Morristown Elementary School

Dawn Adams, the art teacher at Hendricks Elementary, helps during Thursday’s Cookies and Canvas event at Morristown Elementary.

By ROSS FLINT - rflint@shelbynews.com

The attendance wasn’t what John Corn was hoping for, but nevertheless, by the time nine students and six adults put their paint brushes down for the final time, they had their own masterpieces to hang up at home.

The 15 residents participated in Cookies and Canvas at Morristown Elementary School on Thursday for an evening of painting and eating treats.

“I thought this would be a fun event,” said Corn, the elementary school principal.

He added that the evening was not a fundraiser and that he got the idea from Austin Theobald, the principal at Rushville Elementary School East. That school had a better turnout, he said, and he was hoping to have a similar response.

Hendricks Elementary School art teacher Dawn Adams showed her evening students how to paint a sunset in a beach setting. Off in the distance was a small island with a palm tree.

“There are no mistakes,” she told her students anytime they became frustrated with their artwork.

Before getting started, Adams introduced the tools they would be using – three paint brushes of different sizes.

She called the largest, “Big Daddy,” the medium size, “Hot Mama,” and the smallest, “Little Boy.” The Morristown students and their parents found those names humorous.

“People seem to remember them better that way,” she said after hearing their response.

Adams has led other Cookies and Canvas events in the past, including one earlier this year with the Shelby County Drug Free Youth Council.

While Corn didn’t get the turnout he was looking for, he’s hoping to have future Cookies and Canvas evenings. He agreed that with more publicity, more students could become interested.