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Waldron community mural in planning stage

By ROSS FLINT - rflint@shelbynews.com

The Blue River Community Foundation and Waldron community are calling on local artists to design a mural as part of the foundation’s 30th year celebration.

The deadline for submissions for the mural, which will be painted on a fence in the downtown Waldron area, is 5 p.m. May 4.

Blue River Executive Director Amy Haacker said the project is part of four in celebration of the foundation’s 30th year. Fairland, Flat Rock and Morristown all have projects as well.

A $2,500 stipend will be given to the winner for supplies and painting.

The design should “reflect the feel of a family-friendly small town” according to the description in the application. The submission can be delivered as a hand-drawn design or in digital files (JPG or PDF).

The foundation and Waldron Area Hometown Community Fund Committee will review each entry and select finalists. Those selections will be based on three pieces of criteria: artistic quality and strength of concept, originality and uniqueness, and suitability to the surrounding neighborhood.

The fence will stand five feet, 33 inches tall and 45 feet wide.

“We tried to look for a little pocket park area in Waldron, but this is what people really wanted,” Haacker said. “They wanted more of a beautification project.”

The other three projects involve local parks.

The Blue River Community Foundation provided a $50,000 grant to a sorority that had already raised $10,000 in its effort to build a playground area in the town of Fairland.

“We said we would like to do a little more to help make this happen,” Haacker said of the foundation’s contribution with the grant to the project. “It was important that you make this more accessible. When you are in a stroller, you have the same needs as someone who’s in a wheelchair. And that can be expensive to make it accessible.”

The foundation is working with the Flat Rock Volunteer Fire Department to create a playground area on a piece of property next to the department. Blue River is also providing a $50,000 grant.

And Morristown’s project is for a half-mile walking trail at Community Park. The foundation is also working with the town to make a long-term plan for the park, and improvements are being made to the concession stand.