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A remarkable love story

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Omer and Carolyn Weintraut of Waldron were married on Aug. 1, 1953, at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Shelby County.
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Five consecutive generations of the Weintraut family have celebrated 50th wedding anniversaries, including Omer and Carolyn Weintraut of Waldron. The couple recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows at a special Mass held at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Shelby County. The Rev. Paul Landwerlen, a retired priest, offered Mass.

By LUANN MASON - For The Shelbyville News

All couples hope that love, once found, can stand the test of time. For Omer and Carolyn Weintraut of Waldron that hope is reality, and quite possibly could be considered by some to be part of the Weintraut family genetic makeup.

Could the path of dedication and devotion maintained for better, for worse, through generations have paved the way for the couple that recognized their 65th wedding anniversary this past Wednesday? After all, five consecutive generations of the Weintraut family celebrated 50th wedding anniversaries.

The first ancestors to reach the milestone, Franz and Magdelena Weintraut, became husband and wife in 1831 in Germany, immigrated to America, and marked their 50th wedding anniversary at St. Anthony Parish in Morris, Ind.

Their son Nicholas and his wife, Anna Weintraut, were next to celebrate 50 years of marriage in 1902 at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in rural Shelby County.

Next came Nicholas and Anna’s son, George, and his wife, Magdalena (Roell) Weintraut. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1941, also having been married at St. Vincent’s in Shelby County. Incidentally, Magdalena’s parents, Balthazar and Anna Roell, also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at St. Vincent’s.

Then, George and Magdalena’s son, Albert and his wife, Theresia (Ferkinhoff), marked their 50th in 1966 at St. Vincent’s, followed by their son, Omer, and his wife, Carolyn (Weinantz), who embraced 50 years of marriage in 2003, again at St. Vincent’s.

Eighty-four-year-old Carolyn described the reoccurrence of family members observing 50 years of marriage with one word – unbelievable.

“Many couples do not have the joy of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary,” she said. “The odds of one family having five consecutive generations live to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries are unbelievable.”

And now, she and her husband, Omer, are family record breakers by celebrating a 65-years-and-counting marriage.

The couple renewed their vows this past Sunday with family and friends present during a special Mass held at St. Vincent’s Church. The Rev. Paul Landwerlen, retired priest and close friend of the Weintrauts, offered the Mass. A meal reception followed.

Theirs is a relationship that started with a blind date. Carolyn, who was raised in Morristown, was 18 at the time.

“(Omer’s) sister, Dorine, and I worked in an annex of the Statehouse (in Indianapolis),” Carolyn said. “Omer was in the Navy. He came home on leave and his sister arranged our blind date. We went to the Shelby County Fair and we went to a movie. Couples went, Dorine and her fiancé, Jack, and us.”

Then, Omer went back to the Navy where he had been serving for three or so years. In total, he was in the Navy for close to four years, before coming home to help farm with his family. The Weintrauts farm close to 300 acres in Shelby County.

In time, Carolyn and a group of girls from work went to Dorine’s wedding to Jack Wolsiefer, and when it was time for the reception, Carolyn said she told Dorine she was not going to the dinner because she wouldn’t have known anyone, but Dorine said, “You can sit with Omer.”

The relationship between the two blossomed from there.

“She was great,” 90-year-old Omer said.

“I thought he was a good-looking guy, very nice, very polite, and very mannerly,” Carolyn said. “I heard from others that he went back to the Navy and said he met the girl he was going to marry.”

Omer responded instantly with, “Yes I did.”

They were married on Aug. 1, 1953.

“We give credit to (Dorine) and God for our meeting,” Carolyn said, adding that God has always been and will continue to always be the center of their lives.

The couple agreed that they have kept their union fresh all of these years by doing things together and never arguing.

“They’ve always done everything together,” said Linda Weintraut, their daughter. “They always worked as a team to do whatever needed done and God was always at the center.”

When important decisions had to be made, Carolyn said, they’d pray together before making decisions. And, there’s always their special “endearing signs of affection.”

During farming season, Carolyn said she would run the tractor with the discs while Omer did the planting.

“We’d make faces at each other as we’d pass,” she said with a laugh as she glanced at Omer who was smiling at the memory.

They admitted they are not “the kind to hold hands”, yet Linda said, “You guys do a lot of kissing and hugging and God is always at the center.”

Carolyn admitted they like to kiss and to be cheek to cheek.

Carolyn said marriage is faith, love, and caring for one another.

“That’s how we feel about us,” she said as she pointed to a plaque of an open heart on the wall that displays these words: “Blessed by God for eternity; together are we meant to be.”

In addition to their daughter Linda, the Weintrauts are parents to son Mark Weintraut. They have six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.