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City to seek quotes on sewer upgrades

By JOHN WALKER - jwalker@shelbynews.com

About 3,500 feet of city sewer lines are due for improvement, so the city will send out Request For Proposals (RFPs) to get quotes for the work.

The project is to reline the sewage lines. Brad Fix, superintendent of the Water Resource Recovery Facility, got approval from the Shelbyville Utility Board to issue the RFPs to get prices for the work.

He told the board that most of the project will take place in the areas of West Washington and Broadway Streets.

“It’s basically on the west side of town,” he said, during the board’s pre-meeting just before its regular Tuesday morning meeting.

Fix estimated the cost at $65,000 to $75,000. He hoped to have quotes to bring to the board for approval in September.

He urged residents not to flush paper towels, or even Kleenex tissues, down the toilet because they clog up the mechanisms at the wastewater treatment plant.

The city’s Utility Board and the Shelbyville Board of Works are one and the same. Mayor Tom DeBaun is the chairman; members are David Finkel and Bob Williams.

Reconvened as the Board of Works, the panel heard from Police Chief Mark Weidner about updating police operating procedures.

Weidner cited U.S. Supreme Court cases, noting that, “There are two different standards that need to be maintained.”

The standards have to do with what is “reasonable” and “necessary,” said Weidner. 

One case is Tennessee v. Garner; the other is Graham v. Connor. Both cases have to do with the use of excessive force or deadly force by police. 

The Board of Works approved the changes to the police department’s standard operating procedures unanimously, 3-0.