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Construction started on new SCS preschool facility

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Employees of 3D-Pro Contracting work in what will be the Shelbyville Central Schools offices inside the former Marsh building that will also house a new preschool expected to open for the 2019-2020 school year.
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The inside of the former Marsh building sits barren after its demolition but Shelbyville Central Schools Superintendent Dr. David Adams anticipates the new preschool will be ready next August.

By ROSS FLINT - rflint@shelbynews.com

The sounds of checkout scanners beeping and announcements over the intercom for free samples faded long ago, replaced by the sounds of machines buzzing.

The old Marsh building sits empty inside, aside from those machines being operated by employees of 3D-Pro Contracting.

Demolition of the inside of the building has left the structure empty, an encouraging sign of progress being made in the future home of the Shelby Central Schools’ Preschool facility.

Joe Limp, superintendent of 3D-Pro Contracting, which is based out of Lebanon, Indiana, said they received the building permit last week while standing outside the facility on Thursday. The parking lot has been stripped and they’re in the process of cutting concrete out in the Marsh store for plumbing ditches.

Limp said they anticipate having storm sewer structures arriving this week, which will keep water drained out of the parking lot.

Superintendent Dr. David Adams admitted the start of the construction has made the project a little more real. It’s no longer limited to being on a piece of paper.

“For a long time, it’s just a vision and you’re hoping it will come together and even when you see the architectural plan and stuff, it’s such a vision,” he said. “But then you come in here and see they’re cutting the floors and they’ve torn out the whole inside, and you can start to vision (it).”

Limp said they anticipate being able to backfill all the plumbing ditches this week and pour the concrete back and start framing.

“In a month or so, you’ll start seeing it take shape and it’ll be pretty neat,” Adams said.

Limp called it a “pretty good-sized project for the company,” which has done work for other school districts including Flatrock Hawcreek School Corporation, Greenfield-Central High School, Maple Elementary School in Avon and Thorntown Elementary School.

“It’s not overwhelming but it’s a nice project,” he said.

He does not anticipate any delays due to winter weather due to the majority of the work being done indoors. SCS expects to have the facility ready in time for the start of the 2019-20 school year.

“We should be able to march right on through,” he said, adding the crew will use existing heat units for the time being.

Existing heat units are one benefit for the crews, but Adams cited another one that will help the crew continue to make progress without interruption.

“The nice part for these guys, when you have students, that changes everything, because you can only paint at certain times when kids aren’t in, you have temporary walls, I mean this way, guys are free to go and do as they want,” he said. “With all that dust in there, they wouldn’t be able to cut like that with kids (around).”

The facility is over 60,000 square feet and will include 15 classrooms and offices for a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and school nurse, as well as a playground both indoors and outdoors. It will also be the new home for Senses as well as the SCS administrative offices.

The school board will also meet in a new board room.