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Letter to Editor

Thank you to Second Ward voters

Dear Editor,

This message serves to give notice that I can no longer serve as City Councilman representative for the 2nd Ward of Shelbyville. This is due to my residency change effective December 31, 2018, from the Second Ward district.

I wish to thank the residents of the Second Ward who voted for me, and the Republican party officers, for giving me the opportunity to represent the voters in policy matters for our community. I will continue to encourage Council members to grow more into an independent governing Council body, which can have a greater capacity to balance the granted powers of the Mayor’s Executive Branch. The elimination of conflicts of interest, and a very active Council Committee process will give the required “checks and balances”, which are fundamental for representative government at our local level.

My encouragement extends to all individuals who may feel “Called” to participate in our Republic Form of government by attending public meetings to voice their opinions and views. Also, to seek and serve in an elected office is an experience most of us should welcome, and would benefit from the experience.

Our Democracy was established by declaring certain liberties being self-evident and endowed by our Creator. Also, we pledge our allegiance to “One Nation under God.” The government system we enjoy and protect is not just a process created by men and women. We must not forget it was granted by “The Higher Power”, so that, we might enjoy the fruits of Liberty. May the citizens of Shelbyville be more engaged in the maintenance and development of their local government, so as to protect ourselves from being governed by only a few.

For these past seven years, I give my thanks to my Lord, the Second Ward voters, and my community, for the meaningful experience of serving as their elected Councilman to the Shelbyville City Council from 2012 thru 2018.

Thank you,

David A. Carmony

Shelbyville, Ind.