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Shelbyville airport getting new manager

By JEFF BROWN - jbrown@shelbynews.com

Jordan Bullard will officially be handed the keys to the Shelbyville Municipal Airport later this month – and there will be plenty of projects to monitor.

Bullard, a Rushville native that lives in Shelbyville, will replace Josh Simpson as manager of the Shelbyville Municipal Airport. Simpson has announced his resignation from the position and presented Bullard to the Aviation Board Friday morning during its monthly meeting.

“I appreciate the opportunity that Shelbyville is providing me with this position,” said Bullard after the meeting. “I’m looking forward to the transition and the progress we are going to have here.”

The new corporate hangar being built remains on schedule according to Tim Weaver with Runnebohm Construction. The foundation is complete, said Weaver, and steel will start rising up Wednesday or Thursday.

The airplane that will reside at the Shelbyville airport for the flight training school that Aero Management Group is bringing in will not arrive until next week. Ryan Maxfield, owner of Aero Management Group, which operates the municipal airport, explained to the board that the delay came with a good reason.

“The aircraft that we are moving here to Shelbyville for the Flight School is a 2004 Skyhawk, a mix of new and old,” said Maxfield. “It was a little less than three hours away from its 100-hour inspection so it made sense to keep it in the shop over the weekend and get it fresh with the 100-hour inspection and it will be delivered here Monday evening.”

The Flight School expects to be linked with Liberty University to provide college coursework online to go with the practical training side at the airport. The same plane used for the school also will be available for rental use, according to Maxfield.

In conjunction with Friday morning’s meeting, there was a pre-bid meeting for the runway rehabilitation project. Bids will be opened at the airport at 2 p.m. June 19. The deadline for the grant application that will cover the cost of the project is June 28.

The grant is expected to be delivered in mid-September. If the fall weather stays mild, the project could be completed in 2019. If the weather does not cooperate, the project will have to wait until better weather in early 2020.

Bullard is already coordinating his transition with Simpson, who has agreed to stay on in his role as long as needed. The board has not yet received his resignation paperwork. 

Maxfield expressed disappointment that Simpson opted to leave his organization.

“We did try very hard, I did all sorts of things to keep Josh,” he said. “Josh has really been a blessing. You have all seen his work ethic. There are bigger things in the future for Josh.”

Bullard is an assistant FBO manager at the Columbus Municipal Airport in Columbus, Indiana.

“I oversee mainly office administration and any ground service support that is needed there at the ramp,” he said.

Bullard also is a licensed commercial pilot.

“With his background and his experience, I know he is going to be a great fit for us,” said Maxfield.