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Summer Camp

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The Shelbyville girls' basketball team played against Franklin Central Tuesday at Triton Central's summer league.
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By KRIS MILLS - kmills@shelbynews.com

New Shelbyville head coach Becca Hoefler saw her team in action against opposing programs for the first time Tuesday during Triton Central’s summer league.

Although it was only one night of games, it is clear the Golden Bears have a passionate head coach.

The Shelbyville News caught up with Hoefler, who was hired earlier this year in April, to talk about her transition to coaching in Shelbyville.

TSN: What have you been up to since being hired in April? Also, what is your plan for summer basketball?

BH: It was very exciting at first, but I think the hardest part was living up in Valparaiso at the end of the school year. It is a three hour drive. Being here now, it has been great. It has been a very easy transition. We started doing open gyms last week. We are doing those five days a week. Our middle school players are coming, too. We are in a league at Triton Central, which is on Tuesday nights. We will be doing that again next week. After that, we head to our DI Camp in Fort Wayne for three days. Right after that, the last week of June, we are doing our elementary camp. Then we plan to do one tournament in July.

TSN: How are the girls responding to a new voice in the program?

BH: They are responding great. I am not just saying that, the transition and how everyone has been treating me, they just go above and beyond. Everyone has gone out of their way to introduce themselves. The girls have been great. They want to play great basketball. They want to be competitive and want to take that next step. It is easy to come into a situation when they are like that. Now, it is pushing them a little bit harder.

TSN: What has been your main focus during summer workouts? Are you trying to establish a culture or maybe building relationships?

BH: It has been a little bit of everything. What we are focusing on is really getting our offense into place. We are really teaching and breaking it down. It is really just the foundation of what we need to do is what I am building right now. It is changing the girls’ focus and letting them know basketball is a tough sport. You have to be competitive and you have to work on it all the time. Building relationships with them, I have been around some of them for only a week now, and I feel like I know a lot about them.

TSN: What are the numbers like in the program?

BH: I have been really happy with the numbers coming out. We had 13 girls on our bench last night (Tuesday) at Triton Central. I have about 15 in the high school coming, and we have about a dozen more who haven’t been yet. But what really is impressive is the middle school girls. I have about 20-25 middle school girls coming to open gyms. They really haven’t had that before in the summer. It is nice to see that, younger girls getting in the gym wanting to improve their game. Eventually, down the road, we would love to have a freshmen team. If you are a 4A school playing against these good teams, you should have a freshmen team. It is needed.

TSN: I know it is still early but what do you like about your personnel so far?

BH: What I like about my girls right now is we actually have a pretty quick team. We have some fast girls. They really want to get after it defensively. I am happy that they want to get after it. We also have some big girls. I think we will use that to our advantage. But a lot of these girls are drivers. I want them to keep working on that. We need to get our guards to the next level. You need good guard play to have a good team. I am very happy with what we have, I don’t feel like we are lacking in any area. Now, it is figuring out what their roles will be.

Kris Mills is the Sports editor of The Shelbyville News. Follow Kris on Twitter @KrisMills37.