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Commissioners to receive new computer equipment

By HANNAH GUNNELL - hgunnell@shelbynews.com

The Shelby County Commissioners approved an equipment lease purchase agreement that will allow them to receive better, faster technology.

Rob Nolley, the “IT Guy” as he calls himself, said the new technology is a kind of virtual server that will run through Dell EMC, a computer data storage company.

A virtual server is a new kind of technology that Nolley said is difficult to explain, but basically it’s a server that isn’t tied to a physical object.

This allows it to be less expensive, because it shares operating systems (OS) instead of each OS having its own physical server, which can be expensive, Nolley said. It will also use less electricity.

But a big advantage Nolley emphasized is that a virtual server is good in cases of disaster because it can run from the cloud. For example, if a tornado were to wipe out the Annex Building, Nolley could run the server from the cloud and none of the information stored on the server would be wiped out, he said.

Following the commissioners meeting Monday morning was the Drainage Board meeting, where Shelby County resident Mark Stevens, 7583 W 250 South, followed up on a drainage issue on his property he presented last year.

Stevens said part of his yard is underwater, and he’s not exactly sure why. The flooding has made part of his property useless where he used to bale hay.

The commissioners said they were unable to do anything about the issue because they didn’t have the money to fix it. After some debate over the cause of the flooding, they agreed to survey his property to see what could be done.

The drainage board also approved the installation of a new water main.

Rick Miller, on behalf of Indiana American Water, said the water main will come from the London Road water treatment plant, run down London Road, and cross Fairland Road by Indiana Grand Racing & Casino. Additionally, there will be a branch that runs down Tom Hession Drive toward the POET facility.