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Proposed Hubler storage rental facility moving forward

By JEFF BROWN - jbrown@shelbynews.com

A storage rental facility that will sit on property owned by Brad Hubler is moving forward after the project received four zoning variances Tuesday night at the Shelbyville Board of Zoning Appeals meeting at City Hall.

The vacant field east of Hubler Chevrolet Center, 1414 E. State Road 44 in Shelbyville, is the proposed site of a storage rental operation that will include a minimum of five buildings and could expand to six. The site will be less than three acres with the rental facility taking up approximately 32,000 square feet.

That area is zoned Business-Highway which was causing complications for a rental storage facility regarding how the facility would appear, the number of actual buildings on the property and how the parking spaces would be utilized.

John Haines, representing Hubler Auto Group, met with the Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday to discuss the variances, of which all four were unanimously passed by the five-person board consisting of Doug Cassidy, Chris Clark, Kris Schwickrath, Wade Lewis and James Lisher.

In late January, the Plan Commission denied a rezoning request by Brad Hubler from Business Highway to Light Industrial for the storage facility. That pushed the project back to reconsider how to make the storage facility compliant with the Business Highway specifications.

“I won’t say it’s been frustrating,” said Haines, “it’s been a longer than normal process because it required replatting the land, changing the property lines, subdividing our land, getting it rezoned and getting it through the Plan Commission. It’s been a multi-step process. We understood a lot of that going into it.”

Citing architectural limitations to creating a storage rental facility that meets the standards of the zoning of the land, Haines told the board it was their intent to “create a very nice storage facility and we’ve gone to great extent to do that.”

The most feedback from the board came with regard to the roof of the storage buildings and how they match the main office building at the front of the site. Clark questioned the parapet design, an extension of the wall at the edge of the roof, on the storage buildings and how it didn’t match the look of the main office building. 

“The building is what it is,” said Schwickrath, “but we would like to add a little flavor to it without going over the top.”

Each storage unit would essentially have its own parking space in front of it while the overall facility would only have four parking spaces at the office. A variance was needed to accomodate less parking spaces than what Business Highway standards require.

“With the rezoning and tonight’s approvals, the project has what it needs to go forward,” said Haines. “It’s been time consuming but the city has been good to work with ... they’ve been cooperative. We’re ready to get going.”

The next step is to get approval from the Plan Commission in August. The goal is to have the facility open in spring 2020.