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St. Paul man sentenced to 43 years


A St. Paul man was convicted and sentenced to 43 years for voluntary manslaughter and theft Tuesday for the death of a Shelbyville woman last year.

Derick Nigh, 28, was given the sentence after shooting Jennifer Farquer on Aug. 31, 2018, at a family member’s home on East Franklin Street. Farquer died at the residence while Nigh continued to drink, according to Shelby County Prosecuting Attorney Brad Landwerlen.

The voluntary manslaughter charge was enhanced by the use of a firearm.

Judge Kent Apsley sentenced him to 43 years, with 41 executed at the Indiana Department of Corrections and two years served on house arrest. Nigh will have to serve at least 31-1/4 years before being eligible to be released with good time credit under the current law.

Nigh did not call for help or awaken the homeowner after the shooting. The homeowner woke up the following morning and found Nigh awake and drinking. Nigh eventually admitted to killing Farquer to the homeowner, who called 9-1-1. The call was disconnected, but police responded and found the body on a couch.

At the scene, police found a gun in the lower-leg area of Nigh’s pants with blood on it. Nigh stole the gun before the shooting, according to officials.

He said he thought she overdosed and that the two of them had used meth and heroin the previous night. However, lab reports found that neither of them had drugs in their system.

Nigh told police he would never hurt her aside from backhanding her to the face but was arrested for murder, theft and possession of a firearm with a previous felony conviction.

Langwerlen also filed an enhancement for the use of a firearm in committing the crime, which would add a 5-20 year sentence.

Nigh offered to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter with the enhancement for the use of a firearm and after meeting with the family, who wanted to accept the offer, Landwerlen wanted Nigh to also plead for theft of a firearm. He also wanted a minimum 38 years on the executed sentence.

Landwerlen requested that Nigh be sentenced for 50 years, all executed, noting Nigh had 22 criminal charges in nine years, as well as his lack of remorse considering he did not notify authorities after the shooting and continued to drink. He also repeatedly lied to police, according to Landwerlen.

Nigh’s defense attorneys requested for a 43-year sentence with 40 executed.