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Updated GIS version to provide 3-D imagery



An updated version of Shelby Couty’s Geographic Information System (GIS) will improve the user’s experience after the County Commissioners approved a six-year agreement during Monday morning’s meeting.

The agreement, following a 3-0 vote, comes at a price tag of $23,054.80 per year.

GIS Administrator Jim Brown told the commissioners that the updated program is a better version of Google maps, which provides a street view. The new 3-D GIS program will allow users to look around the building, he said.

Commissioner Kevin Nigh said that the program can be used for assessment purposes.

Using six cameras on a plane that flies over the county, first north to south, and again east to west, the program will provide a better look at the county.

“Should we have a tornado come through the county, they will come in and fly that route for us for nothing so we can see the damage for insurance purposes,” Brown said.

“That would be great if we had had that for the flood of (2008) or something like that,” Nigh said in response.

The updated version can be used in every government department. For example, if the police department wanted to look at a building before going in, they could see how many doors and windows it has, and could measure the roof, he said.

The GIS program is available to the public and can be uploaded on phones.

“We were worried about how much it would take to operate this system and they’ve got it down to where it’s very easy to use,” Brown said.