3 Big Changes to Look Out For in ‘Survivor’ Season 41

Day 3 from Survivor 41. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Who thought up this endurance challenge: Nearly 500 days without Survivor? (At least we had all the peanut butter we wanted.)

Season 41 — shot this spring in Fiji — finally arrives with a two-hour premiere, and the diabolical minds behind the trailblazing competition spent their COVID-imposed hiatus thinking…and thinking…and thinking. “The biggest breakthrough came with the idea that what all of us really want right now is to just have some fun! So we put every [proposal] through that filter: Is it fun? If so, we kept it. If not, we lost it,” says host Jeff Probst. “And when you’re talking about fun on Survivor, what you’re really talking about is danger. And we went for it. Big time.”

Here’s what’s new.

Just getting through the day is much harder

The 18 castaways, split into three tribes, start off with minimal supplies at their camps and no rice. (Sounds more like Naked and Afraid.) “Their physical and mental abilities start to fade very fast,” Probst says. Rewards, too, are scarce.

Nothing is free

Making a stealth search for an immunity idol or some other advantage is no longer simply a walk in the park, er, jungle. “You have to risk something for the advantage to have power,” Probst warns. “If you fail, there is a consequence!” And with 26 days of filming versus the usual 39, the accelerated pace leaves little time to weigh decisions — or make up lost ground.

Despite these unexpected challenges, Probst says the players were thrilled to be part of this Survivor overhaul: “Even when they were in shock, I could still see their excitement beaming just beneath the surface!”

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Plus, get details on a couple new elements for the CBS competition.

There’s good news and bad news for superfans

At-home obsessives can play the Game Within the Game — “a chance for young future Survivors to see if they have what it takes” — by solving a rebus puzzle hidden in each episode. Answers are entered at SurvivorGWG.com, and there’s a payoff at the finale.

But those on the island find that in this unpredictable season, their encyclopedic knowledge is no advantage — it’s as obsolete as an actual encyclopedia. “We have so many new elements and layers,” Probst says, “most of the twists are things you simply could never predict. Great players will be voted out earlier than they ever dreamed, simply because of all the variables.”

Survivor, Season 41 Premiere, Wednesday, September 22, 8/7c, CBS

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