The Board of Works and Public Safety addressed three items during its Tuesday morning meeting.

First, the board accepted the low bid for the 2022 overlay projects. The city will go with Globe Asphalt for $522,962.45. This was one of 10 bids opened during last week’s meeting.

“They were the asphalt sub-contractor for the North Harrison job,” City Engineer John Kuntz said. “They also did the asphalt walk out of the new Summerfield sub-edition that’s going in. … We also just signed a contract for them to do the 300 North widening.

“I haven’t had any issues with them yet,” Kuntz added.

Under new business, the board approved for Shelbyville Police Chief Mark Weidner to promote Patrolman Mark Newman from traffic safety officer to detective.

“He would like to keep traffic safety officer, and I’m going to allow it,” Weidner said. “If it doesn’t interfere, we’re good and if it does, we’ll make a few arrangements.”

This promotion comes in light of SPD’s 90-day detective selection process. Newman had the top score, Weidner said.

Lastly, the board issued two orders to appear for the nuisance properties located at 1022 Lincoln Street and 305 Sunset Drive. These are both repeat offenders, said Deputy Plan Director Allan Henderson.

“This is the fourth time [Lincoln Street] has appeared before the board since 2020,” Henderson said.

The owner of 205 Sunset Drive has appeared numerous times since 2018. In April 2021, the last time she was before the board, she admitted she was a hoarder, and the board moved to provide her with help.

In May, seeing no change in the condition of the property, the board moved to remediate her property.

Shelbyville Fire Department Chief Tony Logan said his department has referred her for medical and psychological help.

“There’s been many visits,” Logan said. “She’s made progress one minute, and then not the next. I think it’s still in progress, but it’s not where we need it to be at this point.”

Board member Bob Williams asked about raising the fees for remediating properties for repeat offenders.

City Attorney Jenny Meltzer said the board can issue fines based on city ordinances and they can charge the property owner the cost of remediating the property.

The act of remediating a property is conducted by the Street Department.

The Board of Works meets at 8:30 a.m. every Tuesday morning at City Hall. It conducts a pre-meeting at 8:15 a.m. The city livestreams meetings held at City Hall on the City of Shelbyville – Government Facebook page.