The Fortune Ditch project can proceed now that the city’s Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) funds have been released.

“On Feb. 18, we preliminarily awarded the bid to Brad Schutte Excavating for $566,192.75 for the Meridian Park Detention Basin, that we call the Fortune Ditch Project,” City Engineer Matt House told the Board of Works Tuesday morning.

The board officially awarded the bid Tuesday and issued an order to proceed on the project.

House also requested to employ Tom Zimmer with Thomas Zimmer Builders LLC. to provide inspection on this project. He said Zimmer provided inspection services on previous projects. The board approved this request.

Under new business, the board issued an order to appear for the owner of the property located at 305 Sunset Drive.

Mayor Tom DeBaun referred to the property as a “recurring nuisance case.” He asked Plan Director Adam Rude if the location was owner occupied.

“My understanding is that it’s owner occupied by Barbara Johnson, and she allows people to live there, and that’s who’s been, over the years, scrapping and everything else,” Rude said. “I’ll follow up on that, though.”

Lastly, the board approved for Police Chief Mark Weidner to amend Standard Operating Procedure 38, which would allow him to hire a detective sergeant. SPD does not currently have this position.

“We’re getting ready to launch on some promotions that we have available, and I want to add a detective sergeant just for fallback for the chief of detectives in his absence or when he designates that he needs something done in his capacity,” Weidner said.

This is already in the budget, Weidner said.

DeBaun made the following announcements at the end of the meeting:

First, Street Commissioner Doug Hunt would like the public to know heavy trash pickup week is the last week of April, not this week.

Second, DeBaun explained that while the governor’s mask mandate ended Tuesday, the City of Shelbyville will require masks in city-controlled facilities.

“We have a list of those on hand,” he said. “For example, they would be the police station lobby, the fire stations (all three), Parks Department, Intelliplex Conference Center, Intelliplex Excel IN building, the City Hall of course, and the Sewage Utility Office on the Public Square.”

The county and MHP will be following the same restrictions. These will expire on May 3.