The Board of Works and Public Safety approved a standard operating guidelines (SOG) proposal Tuesday that would help keep the Shelbyville Fire Department properly staffed at all times.

“The reason why we’re needing this SOG is because we have 5-6 guys off with workers comp, short-term disability or military leave, then with vacation periods that puts us at minimum staffing,” Fire Chief Tony Logan told the board.

“So we’re all working in an overtime situation, and if you have a nice day, nice weekend, nice holiday, you have people calling in sick and then not getting anybody to come in voluntarily for overtime,” he said. “We’re trying to put a provision in place in the SOG that allows us to mandate people coming in for overtime and help us create the minimum staffing we need.”

The board also issued orders to appear for the following three properties: 329 E. Mechanic Street, 702 Indiana Ave. and 917 Moriseni Ave.

“These are properties that have not been brought into compliance,” Mayor Tom DeBaun explained.

DeBaun also announced that the city would be moving forward with stopping truck traffic along Bassett Road.

“I had a meeting with Doug Hunt, Mark Weidner and John Kuntz, with several neighbors of the neighborhood out and around Country Club Heights and Trotter’s Chase, expressing their concerns about truck traffic on Bassett Road,” he said. “This has been an ongoing issue. We’ve had multiple meetings and conversations with those folks. What I’m going to do is ask Chief Weidner make a recommendation on a speed limit for the residential portion of Bassett Road coming from Intelliplex Drive east to State Road 9, and then we will also be signing that road as ‘no trucks.’”

DeBaun said this would not inhibit Major Health Partners deliveries, and the city would grant provisional use of Bassett Road if new projects occur in the area. No action was taken on the issue.