The Board of Works moved to euthanize a pitbull this week after it bit a child on Memorial Day.

Animal Control Officer James Lane told the board Tuesday morning the dog “had a four year old pinned to the ground.” Lane said after the meeting the child is okay.

“It’s not adoptable,” he said. “The bite wasn’t that severe, but it could’ve been worse.”

Mayor Tom DeBaun said they have indications of other incidents with the dog that went unreported.

Board member David Finkel went to visit the dog and said it was unfriendly.

“That and given the indication from Officer Lane that he doesn’t believe it’s adoptable, I believe we should deem the animal dangerous,” DeBaun said.

The owner of the dog was not present at the meeting, but a representative from the apartment complex the dog lived in was. He said that breed of dog wasn’t permitted in the complex – meaning even if the board had released the dog instead of euthanizing it, it wouldn’t have been able to return to the owner.

In other business, the board handled multiple nuisance properties.

First it continued the case of 1417 S. Harrison Street again. This case was first brought before the board two weeks ago, when the owner explained to the board the debris was put out on heavy trash day, but there was too much trash to be picked up. At that time, she indicated she had a person lined up to haul away the trash.

Plan Director Adam Rude said much of the trash had been cleaned up, but there were still a few areas on the property that needed work. The board continued the case to give time for Rude to confer with the city’s nuisance officer.

Rude also requested orders to appear for three other nuisance properties: 329 E. Mechanic Street, 52 Mildred Street and 717 Second Street.

City Engineer Matt House said that from Aug. 2-23, the southbound lanes of the downtown project will be closed for new curb placement in relation to the Downtown Project.

The board determined the detour route will be from Broadway Street to Vine Street to Mechanic Street or Walker Street.