Sunday, March 14 (or 3/14), is Pi Day. Pi, or p, is a mathematical constant that begins with 3.14. What a great way to celebrate Math and Stem!

If you really want to celebrate, you should check out where they are all about math and all about Pi. On Sunday, I will celebrate Pi with Pie. Maybe I will celebrate Pi by calculating the volume of the Pie I am consuming. Who knew math could be fun and delicious?

Another opportunity I want all of you to be aware of is the opportunity for your high school student to become a Klinsky Scholar, as part of the Purdue Fast Start Program. The program is through Modern States, an online philanthropic college course catalogue, which allows a High School student to take college courses online from leading universities in the United States.

Here is an easy link:

Once they complete the course and pass the CLEP exam (with a voucher, so there is no cost to the family), they get free college credit. After completing five courses with 15 credit hours and meet Purdue’s minimum entrance standards and other steps, they will be guaranteed admission to Purdue. I recommend you look at the “what does assured admission mean” in the FAQ section at the bottom of the page of the link above for more information.

Glass of milk, slice of Pie and enrolling in a college math course from Tufts University. What a great way to celebrate Pi and make yourself #BoilerBound!