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I think that pie crust is about one of the easiest tasks to master in the kitchen. However, not everyone would agree. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a good quality store bought pie crust but there is something different and special about one you have made yourself. The problem that most people have with homemade pie crust is the rolling out of the dough. That is only first right behind people being confused as to what temperature to have the ingredients. Some recipes and websites can flat out just scare a person out of making homemade pie crust. And that just should not be. Anyone can make a homemade pie crust!

The recipe I am sharing today is literally one of the easiest recipes you could ever hope to find when it comes to homemade pie crust! And there are only 5 ingredients! The milk in this recipe really tenderizes the dough but water can work in a pinch. I have not really experimented with gluten free flour for this recipe but there are so many delicious gluten free flours available now that I am sure your local grocer carry’s one or more varieties you can try. This crust can be baked or unbaked when filling with your pie filling, according to your pie recipe.

No Roll Pie Crust

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