The Shelby County Commissioners handled a couple of items during their under-15-minute meeting Monday morning.

They began by signing the zoning ordinances they approved last week. They forgot to sign them during that previous meeting.

Then they approved a utility request by Audrey’s Outdoor Services. The company would like to bore to the east of 6800 W 500 N in Fairland.

Lastly, the county’s Human Resources Director Donna Cook requested the commissioners approve an extension on the COVID-19 policy.

A year ago, the county allotted sick leave days to county employees specifically for situations where an employee is sick or quarantined because of COVID-19.

“This will be to simply extend our public health sick leave days that you awarded over a year ago to employees in the event that they are off for COVID or are being quarantined for COVID reasons,” she said.

These extra days were set to expire April 2, so Cook requested they be extended through July.

“This will take it out for another three months through July 30, 2021,” she said. “This will not be giving new days to employees, but this will be so current employees can continue to use days that are on their books.”

The state will open vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 years of age or older on Wednesday, so Cook said the goal is that any county employee who wishes to get vaccinated will have by the end of July.

Cook also asked if the commissioners would continue requiring masks on government property after the state mask mandate ends. They said yes.

“We can review that weekly or whatever,” Commissioner Kevin Nigh said.

Highway Superintendent Kem Anderson reported that they’re working on the culvert on 375 East, and the road would be open soon.

He also reported they need to work on another culvert on 300 South. He’s waiting on prices at this time.

Commissioner Chris Ross told Commissioner Don Parker that he verified with our local senators that everything anti-solar leader Kyle Barlow said about House Bill 1381 in last week’s meeting is correct.

Barlow stated that if the Senate Utilities Committee did not discuss HB 1381 at either of its two remaining sessions, it would die. 

The Utilities Committee scheduled HB 1381 for Thursday's (April 1) session.