The Shelby County Commissioners established a Redevelopment Authority during its Monday morning meeting.

“This is state law,” Commissioner Don Parker said. “We have to have this in place.”

Some backstory is required to properly explain the purpose of this authority:

In October, the commissioners re-established the Redevelopment Commission to oversee development in the Pleasant View interchange area. That body of government was comprised of six members, five of them voting positions and one an advisory position. All of these positions were appointed.

State law requires some bodies of government to have a separate branch that handles the financial aspects of what the main body does.

“You have to have a financial arm, so they oversee the moneys,” Commissioner Chris Ross. “Look at it like Commissioners and [County] Council, when you picture it in your head.”

That’s what happened in this situation – the Redevelopment Authority legally needed to be established to handle the financial side of what the Redevelopment Commission does.

Blake Newkirk summed it up perfectly prior to the meeting: “Government is confusing.”

The commissioners appointed three members to form the Redevelopment Authority’s Board of Directors: Vince Sanders, Heather Ross, and Nathan Runnebohm. These members do not serve on the Redevelopment Commission.

So far, the Pleasant View area has three ongoing developments. More information will be available about the developments in the upcoming Business and Industry Special Section of The Shelbyville News.

After forming the new Redevelopment Authority, the commissioners moved to approve a series of utility requests by CenturyLink at the following locations:

3511 W 450 S, Shelbyville

1881 W 500 S, Shelbyville

2499 W 450 S, Shelbyville

5554 S 650 W, Edinburgh

7968 W 600 S, Edinburgh

3511 S 600 W, Edinburgh

“All of these have to do with broadband equipment, is my understanding,” Commissioner Kevin Nigh said.

Parker added: “I guess we’ve always looked for better broadband. I hope this is the way to go, and it seems like it could be. This is in my area, mostly.”

Lastly, in line with Governor Eric Holcomb’s extension of the Public Health Emergency, the commissioners extended the mask mandate on county-controlled facilities through May 31.

“We have followed the governor’s lead all along, I think we should stay with it,” Parker said.