The Shelby County Commissioners issued a response to the Indiana Public Access Coordinator Tuesday morning following a formal complaint filed by a county resident.

“It (the complaint) said we met previously, and we did not,” Commissioner Don Parker said in the meeting.

The commissioner’s attorney John C. DePrez IV clarified that the complaint alleges the commissioners violated open door laws by meeting Sept. 13 in an executive session and there was ex-parte communication.

“Ex-parte communication” is communication that occurs outside of meetings and results in one or more board members obtaining information that not every board member has, according to the American Planning Association Indiana Chapter Handbook.

DePrez said neither an executive session nor ex-parte communication took place. This is the response that the commissioners approved to send to the public access coordinator during the meeting.

In other business, the board approved a utility request by TDS Telecom to work along Sleepy Hollow Road.

The board also approved a tax refund in the amount of $2,008.13 to a resident. Auditor Amy Glackman explained that the resident’s land was assessed incorrectly and the refund is a result of correcting that error.

Lastly, the board approved a quote from Tubesock for upgrades to electrical equipment in the Community Corrections and Annex II buildings.

“They need to do the fiber connection from Community Corrections to Annex II,” Glackman said.

The quote amounts to $2,181.65.

The Drainage Board met following the commissioners meeting but they took no action.

County Surveyor Taylor Summerford reported the drainage work on Meiks Addition is coming along nicely. They opened up a tile on the east side of the addition and water is actually flowing properly, he said.