Waterman photo

Larry and Margaret Waterman pose for a photo after receiving their booster shot last week at the Shelby County Fairground. The couple received the shot as a 58th anniversary wedding gift to one another.

A couple who previously lived in Shelbyville made a special trip back to their former home last week to surprise their family in time for Thanksgiving.

Larry and Margaret Waterman, who now live in Indianapolis, returned to Shelbyville on their 58th anniversary to get their COVID-19 booster shot at the Shelby County Fairground.

The couple were vaccinated at the beginning of the year but had yet to receive the booster shot.

At the encouragement of their two sons, Keith and Brad, they decided to get the booster as an anniversary gift to one another, and as a way to surprise their children for Thanksgiving.

“They’ve been after us,” Larry said about their sons.

The couple kept putting off the booster and did not know when they would do it until deciding to make it a surprise.

“We’ve been pretty good and lucky and very healthy, so we wanted to go ahead and get it done as a gift to each other so we don’t have any problems with our health,” Margaret said minutes after receiving the booster.

Their sons, both of whom played sports at Shelbyville High School, now live on the north side of Indianapolis – one in Carmel, the other in Fishers – with their families.

“It means a lot to us to get together,” Margaret said, adding they expected to see their older son for Thanksgiving. “We haven’t got to get together a lot because of COVID until recently.”

She said she hoped that getting the booster was a sign that life would get back to normal.