Mainstreet Shelbyville and the Shelby County United Fund For You (SCUFFY) have teamed up to hold a Dine for SCUFFY event Wednesday and Thursday to help raise money for the United Fund.

On those days, participating downtown restaurants will donate a portion of each sale to SCUFFY. The six restaurants contributing to the fund are Pudder’s, Cagney’s Pizza King, Grandma’s Cow Palace, Capone’s, Grandma’s Pancake House, and The Bookmark Cafe.

This is the first year a Dine for SCUFFY event is taking place. SCUFFY Drive Chair Drew Little is spearheading the efforts.

“I’ve been super impressed with what Mainstreet is doing and trying to build everything for Shelby county, and for us now in a position where we are a little bit out of COVID, especially with people getting vaccinated ... we really wanted to celebrate getting thru it,” he said. “The community has supported SCUFFY and SCUFFY has always supported the community, and what better way than to do it together.”

Little said he approached Brandy Coomes at Mainstreet Shelbyville to get this started.

“I have to say I had the idea, but she totally handled the execution,” he said. “I want to make sure she gets the credit for this coming together.”

And while his goal is to meet the overall goal of $860,000, he’s also searching to find new ways to meet that goal.

“The Shelbyville community has been fantastic at supporting the drive every year. But are there new ways we can get involved in the community each year?”

He said he’s thankful the businesses were willing to participate, especially after taking a COVID hit.

“None of them had to do this,” he said. “This is 100 percent their choice.”

Little said he will be downtown with his daughters supporting the businesses.

SCUFFY Director Alecia Gross said the fundraising efforts so far are “right at 55 percent.”

“Today we have $472,435,” she said. “Knauf is traditionally the biggest employer and the biggest contributor.”

Several schools and local organizations held their own fundraising events for SCUFFY since the drive began.

“I know Hendricks sold Easter eggs and that raised around $1800,” Gross said. “The Boys and Girls Club sold suckers. I think they raised about $500 through sucker sales. The others schools have done lots of things also, we just don’t always know the specifics. There have been spirit weeks for SCUFFY at the other schools, Coulston did some things.”

The drive ends May 5. There will be an end of drive celebration at Indiana Grand.

“We’re getting closer and closer every day,” Little said. “I’m nervous, since my name is attached to a large number, but I have no doubt the community will come together and get this done.”

Anyone interested in donating to SCUFFY can do so by purchasing food from one (or more) of the six participating restaurants Wednesday and Thursday or by visiting its website,, and clicking the “please donate” button.