Shelby County Dispatch Center employees hold puppies rescued during a welfare check last week. The Center’s Director, Jason Able, started a gofundme to help raise money for items to care the eight total puppies, which are being fostered by a dispatch officer.

Shelby County Dispatch Center Executive Director Jason Able started a GoFundMe to raise money to support eight puppies rescued during a welfare check.

“We received a call to do a welfare check,” Able said. “Shelbyville officers arrived on the scene. The victim there said there were eight puppies she didn’t want to leave there because she thought that they would be abused or possibly even killed. So the officers reached out to the dispatch center to find out what they could do about getting a home. We checked with the animal shelter and they said they couldn’t take them because they were too young.”

So Able gave permission for the dispatch staff to bring the puppies to the center, and shortly after, Dispatch Officer Nataly Rosales decided to foster them.

“I am a big dog lover and everyone that knows me knows I’m a big animal lover in general, and I wouldn’t have been okay with myself if I wouldn’t have taken them, knowing what they’ve been through and what could’ve possibly happened to them if we didn’t find some place to go,” Rosales said.

Rosales has never fostered puppies before.

“I have never fostered,” she said. “I have four of my own and an outdoor cat. It’s exhausting. But it’s worth it. I just wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I’d later found out the animal shelter found five puppies deceased, knowing I could’ve done something.”

The puppies need vaccines, food, puppy pads, and special shampoo for their skin. So Able started a GoFundMe to raise money to support them.

The GoFundMe can be reached at https://www.go fundme.com/f/25wbj-puppies -need-your-help. The goal for this fundraiser is set at $2,500. As of Wednesday morning, they’d already raised $250.

“Having eight additional pets in your household just means things are going to be hectic for a bit but it beats the alternative,” Able said in the fundraiser’s description. “Any donation will help these eight sweet puppies.”

All of the puppies have a forever home.

In addition to saving and caring for them, Able has another hope with rescuing these pups.

“The other hope is I came from a center in Johnson County that had foster dogs, and we eventually adopted one for the center so they have a dog that can bring the dispatchers comfort when they have tough calls,” he said. “They become part of the dispatch family, they’re there 24/7, we’d take care of their medical bills.”

One of the brown puppies, currently being called Deputy, is staying with the dispatch officer.

“Deputy loves to be held,” Rosales said. “He loves the attention on him. He’s very sassy. My fiancé is a deputy. One of the reasons I named him (the puppy) that is because his little personality reminded me of him. He (the puppy) is spunky, laid back but also has authority with the puppies. If the other puppies try to get my attention, he does his little growl.”

Able isn’t yet sure if they will be able to turn Deputy into an emotional support dog for dispatch employees.

“It may be a no-go,” he said. “Because of where we are at, we’re still inside the sheriff’s department in the master control room of the jail. It may be a thing where we can’t do it quite yet. So if that’s something the dispatcher wants to keep the dog at her house until we can figure it out ... To even get this started, I have to make sure nobody is afraid of animals and not allergic to them.”

Rosales said she’s thankful to all those who have donated so far.

“Thanks to everyone who has been donating. It’s been really helpful,” she said. “I’ve been getting a lot of donations, whether its puppy pads, food, treats, and I don’t think people realize how helpful that’s been. Puppies are very expensive.”