The Girl from Widow Hills by Megan Miranda is the story of Arden Maynor (now Olivia Meyer) who was just six years old when she was carried away during a terrible rainstorm while sleepwalking and disappeared. People rallied to search for her and organized prayer vigils to pray for her safe return. Amazingly, she is found alive holding on to a storm drain. Her discovery was a miracle which her mother capitalized on by writing a book about the experience and Arden’s rescue. They became famous, so much so that Arden changed her name and disappeared.

As the twentieth anniversary of her disappearance and rescue approaches, Arden (now Olivia) fears that the media will renew its interest in her. She feels as though she is being watched and begins sleepwalking again. Then one night she awakens to find herself in her yard and at her feet is a dead man whom she knew in her previous life.