WestSide Home Goods

Rosalie and Dave Hardin opened WestSide Home Goods this week at 1406 S. Miller Ave. The one-stop-shop home goods store has furniture and appliances for sale.

Retirement didn’t last long for the Hardin couple.

When they sold The Chicken Inn, Dave and Rosalie Hardin planned to spend retirement with their family.

Hardins to retire, sell The Chicken Inn

Apparently retirment looks like starting a furniture and home appliance store.

“That was our plan,” Rosalie said. “We’ve actually opened as a family, there are other family members involved in this process. We decided we wanted to do something different. We loved the restaurant business but we wanted a change.”

The duo held a soft opening for WestSide Home Goods Tuesday. Rosalie said the day went well, and they’ve already made a few sales.

“It’s basically a home goods store, many miscellaneous items relating to the home, furniture, small appliances, large appliances, bathroom amenities, tools, rugs, just a wide array of items,” Rosalie said. “Most of the items are new. Some of the furniture we are buying and repurposing, refinishing.”

WestSide Home Goods sits in the old western supermarket building, 1406 S. Miller Ave.

The store will be open six days a week: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and noon-5 p.m. on Sunday. It will be closed on Monday.

Rosalie said her family began looking for a place to sell furniture a couple years ago. When they found this place, they thought it was perfect.

“The last occupants were a dance studio, and they did major renovations, painting and upgrading,” she said. “It was in really good condition, so we were pleased with that.”

“We thought it was the perfect place and we went as there,” she added. “Fortunately it’s not as complicated since we’ve done it a couple of times before.”

In addition to selling their own furniture, the the Hardins are renting out a couple rooms in the store to vendors.

“Our son Brian, he has a flea market, he’s come up with a concept where we are actually leasing out areas in our store to different vendors,” Rosalie said.

Dave said some of their own furniture is antique, which is his favorite.

“I just love old furniture,” he said.

The big goal for the store?

“That we are able to offer products including furniture at an affordable price in the community,” Rosalie said. “We think we are going to be a unique one of a kind business. ... We’re going to be a one stop shop, and be able to offer especially those setting up households, be able to offer them affordable items to get them started.”

She hopes this store will allow the Hardins to do what they love and serve the community as well.

“We’ve always been a close knit family and always done things together and. I think this is an opportunity to do things together and share the things we like.”

The Hardins will hold a grand opening for WestSide Home Goods at a future date. Rosalie hopes to have prizes and food at the event.