University of Indianapolis names Dean’s List

University of Indianapolis students from Shelby County have made the 2020-21 Semester I Dean’s List and Honor Roll.

Following is a list of students from Shelby County who have received this honor:

Megan Brown, Dakota Ebersold, Grace Long, Halle Beatty, Kailey Hardwick, Felicia Bentley, Rebecca Clouse, Jamie Davis, Madison Ewing, Bailey Hodgin, Alexis Knose, Sophia Sandman, Kristen Taylor, Lauren Taylor, Tyce Taylor, Allison Burgess, Kelli McGovern, Silas Ratliff, Shelby Sipes, Grace Bate, Mariana Fletes-Cuevas, Trae Hassebroek, Matthew Johnson, Chandler Martin, and Claire Taggart.

University of Indianapolis congratulates these students on their success.