The MHP Foundation is eagerly looking forward to working with local celebrities on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

For readers not familiar with Giving Tuesday, it’s an international day of giving driven mostly by social media. Everyone knows “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.”

Giving Tuesday is sort of the same, but also completely opposite. Instead of shopping, people are encouraged to make charitable contributions.

The MHP Foundation participates in Giving Tuesday to raise awareness, dollars, and to find donors new to the cause. According to Executive Director Angela Gill, Giving Tuesday will be one of the key events related to showcasing new projects for MHP.

Gill said the community will begin to see MHP doing work in social determinants of health.

Social determinant are “the conditions in the environments where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.” ( people/objectives-and -data/social-determinants -health)

“The Foundation’s fundraising for the next few years will center around supporting MHP’s work in social determinants of health to include early childhood education, behavioral health, obesity, and transportation,” Gill said.

She added, “Giving Tuesday is a fun day, and we’re super-excited to be including local celebrities in our fundraising efforts this year.”

Local celebrities, including Shelbyville News Editor Travis Weik, will use their social media accounts to help raise awareness about – and money for! – the MHP Foundation on Giving Tuesday.

Other celebrities taking part are Brent Baker, Donna Christian, Angela Gill, Dr. Paula Gustafson, Mary Harper, Jack Horner, LaTisha Idlewine, Mark McNeely, Kris Meltzer, Deryck Ramey, Kristiaan Rawlings, Warren Robison and Earsel Smith.

Each of them has agreed to match contributions in increments of $100. Each time contributions climb $100, one of them will contribute $100. Gill reports that it’s working already.

She said with a laugh, “I went ahead and put myself in that first $100 raised slot, just to set and example. I work here, so if I don’t do it, who will?”

She reports that the results of a mailing have chalked up the first $100, so the first match of $100 has been made. Others have jumped on board, and at the time of this press release, contributions have reached $300.

The goal for the day is $1,500 and sixty new donors.

“The monetary goal sounds modest, but the donor goal is very ambitious,” Gill said. “Keep in mind that new donors don’t jump right in with a $100 gift right off the bat unless they already know you or are very excited about your work. We’ve found that they generally, but not always, give about $25 or so on their first gift, especially through a social media solicitation.

“To hit our $1,500 monetary goal, that means roughly sixty new donors. That’s hard to do in a 24-hour period, but we’re going to give it our best,” she continued. “We’re so grateful to the local celebrities who have stepped up. When people see others who they like and respect giving, it really encourages them to give, too.”

You can help the MHP Foundation on Giving Tuesday by making a gift at giving-tuesday/. Gifts made prior to Giving Tuesday will be processed on Giving Tuesday.

You can also do your own online fundraising for the MHP Foundation by setting up your own fundraising page by going to MHP.

And, since Giving Tuesday is driven by social media, you can like the MHP Foundation’s Facebook page ( Foundation4MHP) and share their posts on Giving Tuesday.