When in town, gather everyone around

The bond of friendship is unbreakable between these members of Shelbyville High School’s Class of 1979, who named themselves the “Fab 50 Gals” nearly a decade ago. They met for a mini holiday reunion in Shelbyville just before Christmas. Pictured left, front to back:: Theresa (Crowe) Wright, Terri (Kennedy) Conway, Jennifer (Polakoff) McNally, Lisa (Tungate) Tillison, Bonni Sweet, Michelle (Burgess) Overhage, Susan (Beasley) Burbrink, and Dawn Higgins; pictured right, front to back:: Lori (Musgrave) Dickmann, Alvina (Gosney) Terrell, Tina (Cristofori) Cherry, Jackie (Banister) Colee, Ashley Edmond and her mom, Sarah (Metz) Edmond, and Annette (Weintraut) Creed.

There were hugs upon hugs as they entered a local downtown restaurant, fully aware that an important debate needed to be settled. These ladies had work to do.

The reunion of the Fab 50 Gals who were home for the holidays included smiles, laughter, reminiscing, and an important decision to be made.