When in town, gather everyone around

The bond of friendship is unbreakable between these members of Shelbyville High School’s Class of 1979, who named themselves the “Fab 50 Gals” nearly a decade ago. They met for a mini holiday reunion in Shelbyville just before Christmas. Pictured left, front to back:: Theresa (Crowe) Wright, Terri (Kennedy) Conway, Jennifer (Polakoff) McNally, Lisa (Tungate) Tillison, Bonni Sweet, Michelle (Burgess) Overhage, Susan (Beasley) Burbrink, and Dawn Higgins; pictured right, front to back:: Lori (Musgrave) Dickmann, Alvina (Gosney) Terrell, Tina (Cristofori) Cherry, Jackie (Banister) Colee, Ashley Edmond and her mom, Sarah (Metz) Edmond, and Annette (Weintraut) Creed.