Mayors Walk photo

Mayor Tom DeBaun is pictured with Shane Roell and Casey Maurer at the Mayor’s Annual 5k Walk.

This is the seventh year Mayor Tom DeBaun has sponsored the 5K Walk for People with Disabilities.

The walk is organized by The Arc of Shelby County. All four county school special education programs, Special Olympics, Shares, Inc., Aktion Club and SENSES Indoor Gym are the organizations that benefit from the proceeds of the walk. Each one recruits people to walk an donate to their programs. Many companies and individuals sponsor all nine organizations.

The nine organizations are all providing services to children and adults living with a disability. They were the benefactors of donations from dozens of local organizations and individuals that support these vital programs that meet the daily needs of the people they serve.

Mayor Tom, Shane Roell, Casey Maurer and about 34 other walkers made the 5K Walk event in weather that was fabulous.

The number of people walking continues to be limited because of the COVID virus. Each group has up to 4-4 walkers and, weather permitting, the event is held outdoors. As usual, it was held again at the Shelbyville City Conference Center, 2154 Intelliplex Dr, here in Shelbyville.

The donations are still being tabulated, but Holly Forville, President of The Arc of Shelby County, reports that at least $8,000 will be divided among the participants. The money raised will be used to fund special projects and programs designed to help and benefit children and adults with special needs.