The Shelby County Health Department has received 14 complaints about mosquitos gathering in open containers of water.

Throughout the community, specifically in alley ways, people have been leaving objects that are transforming into mosquito hot spots.

Many mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. They can lay eggs in something as small as a bottle cap, but the larger the container the larger the risk.

Areas of standing water, such as a trash can filled with rain water, or even a tire, can host a dangerous amount of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes carry many diseases and viruses. They also are an overall nuisance to the community.

Robert Lewis, director of the Shelby County Health Department, asks residents to pay attention to what they are leaving out to collect rain water. The more rain the community gets, the more mosquitoes will breed.

“Mosquitoes carry several types of diseases, the more water you have the more mosquitoes breed,” he said.