Frequent recipients of nuisance ordinances will be fined daily instead of first appearing to the Board of Works.

A nuisance ordinance is issued to property owners who have debris, junk, or trash in their yards. An ordinance can also be issued if grass is over 10 inches tall. Trash can attract rodents, and overgrown lawns can attract snakes and mosquitoes. These issues can decrease property value as well as create a negative image in the neighborhood.

“Fair warning for those in front of us on a regular basis, we are going to start issuing those fines as set forth in our nuisance ordinance,” mayor Tom DeBaun said.

In other business, board member David Finkle also brought up that some drivers are confused by the flashing yellow turn lights.

“The state went through and installed in town flashing yellow turn lights. I have seen multiple cases where people stop at the flashing yellow, don’t go forward, and it backs up all the traffic,” David Finkle said.

Flashing yellow turn lights mean to be aware of incoming traffic, and to be prepared to yield. Solid yellow lights mean that the light is about to turn red, and to begin to prepare to stop. It is unnecessary to stop at a blinking yellow light unless drivers are yielding.