The Environmental Public Health Office of the Shelby County Health Department conducted three routine inspections during May.

County inspectors identified one critical and five noncritical violations during that time period.

Pizza Hut, 1636 SR-44, had two noncritical violations during a May 18 inspection. The inspector noted the mop sink and the dishwashing area were heavily soiled.

Cabell’s Ice Cream, 1658 SR-44, had no violations during a May 18 inspection.

White Castle, 1830 Marketplace Blvd., had one critical and three noncritical violations during a May 18 inspection. For the critical violation, the inspector noted the handwashing sink was heavily soiled. For the noncritical violations, the inspector noted the walk-in freezer was slick and covered in debris, the microwave was soiled, and the prep sink was heavily soiled.

Unless there is an immediate risk to public health and safety, Indiana regulations give business owners 10 days to review food inspection reports before releasing them to the public.

According to the Indiana State Health Department (ISHD), critical violations are “more likely than other violations to significantly contribute to food contamination, illness or environmental health hazard.” Restaurant operators are required by law to correct critical violations at the time of inspection, unless the health inspector agrees to a longer time frame to correct more complex issues.

For more information on local restaurant inspection reports, visit the health department at 1600 E. State Road 44, Suite B, or call 317-392-6470.