Middle school principal photo

Current Assistant Principal Wes Hall putts on the Shelbyville Middle School rooftop on a chilly December evening in 2016. The SMS administration stayed overnight on the roof after the community raised money for Kory Stewart, a student who had been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Hall will take over as principal at the end of this school year with Ryan Mikus (far left) moving to the new director of school accountability position.

Three years after undergoing a shift in leadership, Shelbyville Central Schools will again be seeing a leadership change once students head home for the summer in 2022.

And much like three years ago, the district is staying within the familiar confines of its current employees.

The employment dominoes fell again at Wednesday’s school board meeting – only fewer fell, and they were all within one building.

Shelbyville Middle School Principal Ryan Mikus will serve as the director of school accountability, a new position created by the school board

The position will oversee all local, state and national assessments within Shelbyville Central, according to the job description.

Mikus will be tasked with training testing coordinators in the procedures to oversee state assessments, according to the description; assisting in the interpretation of test scores; as well as preparing statistical data of those results.

With him moving to a new position, Assistant Principal Wes Hall will take over as principal.

And current SMS Dean and Athletic Director Rex Olds will become one of two assistant principals. Rachel Blumke serves as the other.

The changes in leadership will be in effect starting July 1, 2022. They will take place as the middle school is undergoing construction, which is scheduled to start in May and includes filling in the middle school pool. The pool will be converted as a new multipurpose room and Black Box theatre and an elevator that goes to the upper level gymnasium.