Davis Building Group requested a draining easement between the potential Stratford development, immediately south of the Shelbyville Central Schools administration building and Golden Bear Preschool, into a dry dentition basin located on SCS’ property.

The company made the request during the monthly school board meeting. The school board did not take any action.

Paul Carroll, representing the company, which has been working with the school district on its concerns, spoke to the school board about the project.

He said they were asking to exchange an existing pipe that drains the yield to the south with a co-compliant inlet that would allow for a controlled release of retained water on the Stratford site, which is required by law.

The 73-acre Stratford development site would have a retention pond on the north side of the property. The current site is drained through sub-service drain tiles installed in the field through the dry retention basin being the school district building, Carroll said.

He went onto say the district would benefit because the release of the water would be controlled. It currently drains in an uncontrolled manner.

Carroll addressed Superintendent Mary Harper’s greatest concern – safety for the preschool students.

Davis was asked if there were comparable situations where a preschool was near a dry retention pond in the state.

The company found two similar situations, one at Primrose School of Geist; the other at Primrose School of Carmel.

The Geist location’s playground was about 60 feet from the pond. The Carmel location’s playground was about 180 feet. Davis’ proposal was 120 feet from the Golden Bear location.

Carroll said neither of those locations had a fenced in pond.

But Harper said she called both schools and found out that while neither were fenced, they have a fence around the entire school.

Carroll and Harper agreed that both schools said they had geese present with Carroll adding that the geese did not fly onto the playgrounds.

Davis Building Group proposed to build a 6-foot shadowbox fence along the entire northern border of the property and along the western and eastern borders.

“I would prefer not having a retention pond this close to the school that’s 8-feet deep,” Harper said. “But if the board decides to move in this direction, is there a way to extend the fence instead of stopping at the corner and go to Amos Road?”

She then asked about putting a fence around the pond.

The City of Shelbyville’s unified development ordinance prohibits the installation of a fence within a drainage utility easement, which the retention pond would be on, Carroll said, unless the city gives its consent.

He spoke with Plan Director Adam Rude, who said under no uncertain terms would the city allow the fence to surround the pond because of being able to access it for maintenance.