Softball field

The adult softball league plans to start playing again this Friday. Games were canceled last week due to a player testing positive for the coronavirus.

On July 20, Shelbyville Parks Department Sports Director Chris Stephens received a text message that one of the players on the adult softball team who competes in one of the parks department’s leagues had tested positive for COVID-19.

Since then, he has only been made aware of one other player testing for COVID. That person is on the same team, and is awaiting results.

Stephens said that once he and his team were made aware of the situation, the decision of whether to play or not to play was taken much more seriously. They decided to air on the side of public safety, and not play this last Friday.

Out of the five teams, one has dropped out. As of now the league will continue this Friday night.

Everything is up in the air, and nothing is definite. New information is gained each day and no one knows what to expect. If another team does decide to drop out of the league, however, Stephens does not think the league will be able to last.

Youth leagues were cancelled this year, but the players involved in the adult league were required to sign a waiver for release of liability.

“If we don’t know, we’re assuming everyone is coming in healthy,” Stephens said. “They’re all adults, we’re putting the ownership on the players.”

He also said that it seems the public right now is at a 50-50 split on how they feel about the virus. Some people want to play even though a player has tested positive for the virus, and say if other players are not comfortable they can stay home.

Others do not want to play, at all, such as the team that just dropped out. Stephens says there is not much of a grey area.

He says that he personally believes that the restrictions are tightening up again.

“We’re at stage three measures, just because the governor is not coming out and saying we’re at stage three, that’s what it feels like to me,” he said.

He does want the community to know that the parks department is doing their best to keep everyone as safe as possible, and will always put public safety first.

“Our facilities are always clean, we’ve always been on that,” he said. “Just know we’re always going to air on the side of public safety.”