Local bird supply store The Bird House and More will host its first Bird Fair and Exotic Animal Expo from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday in the Family Arts building at the Shelby County fairgrounds.

Co-owner Karen Martin said this is the first time they’ve hosted an event like this.

“This is our very first one, and to my knowledge it is Shelby County’s first as well,” she said. “We have vended at other people’s shows before, and we just decided to do our own. ... Hopefully it will at least be annually, we’d like to do it more but it depends on the turnout.”

Martin said they have different vendors from “all over” coming in for the event, including Pets by Simon, Shack in the Back Exotic Birds, Turd Bird Toys, Stand Out Serpents, Martins Exotics and Aquatics, and This Guy and His Reptiles.

“We’ve got vendors from all over coming in,” she said. “We’ve got bird and reptile vendors coming in. We will also have food vendors, exotic pets supply vendors.”

A Shelby County vendor, Fury Friends Hideaway, will also be there. Additionally, a couple local food places will be there, too.

“We also have local companies: LeJuice Creations will be there, and Greeks Pizzeria will be vending food there,” Martin said.

Barnyard Party Pals is also scheduled to be there, according to its Facebook page.

“We’re still making calls this week to verify booth space,” Martin said. “If somebody still wanted to vend they could potentially give us a call, depending on the amount of booth space they’d need.”

Martin said they plan to bring one or two birds with them, but they will not be for sale.

“We will probably have one or two of our ambassador birds with us, but we will not have any for sale,” she said. “We will be bringing supplies. There are other bird breeders that will bring their own. We may have a hand full of reptiles, that’s the plan that we’re bringing.”

The Bird House and More’s store location, 10 E. Broadway Street, will be closed that day, as all staff will be at the fairgrounds for the show.

The store moved to its new location a couple months ago.

“Oh, it’s great,” Martin said. “Being out on the main street has opened a lot of people’s eyes to our new location. We aren’t secluded like we were before. We are having people come in every day saying, ‘We haven’t heard of you,’ or ‘We didn’t know you were here.’”

The new location is a little larger than the last one, and still offers the same grooming and boarding services.

“We are carrying some small reptiles,” Martin said. “We are carrying frozen and sometimes live feeders in here, and we’re always – if there’s something we don’t carry, we are glad to order something for somebody.”

“Our biggest thing is to be able to – because we breed birds as well – our goal for that is to provide quality, hand-tamed future family members for people,” she said. “We try to keep the top of the line products in stock at all times, we hope in the future to be in a location twice as big as this one.”

Martin said to check The Bird House and More’s social media pages and website for more about their store.