Don't turn your back on God


Thank you for publishing this. I can't help but notice in the last fifty years or so that the elderly; those without family, many are in a home, more and more are being ignored!

In fact the reason is more and more people are turning their backs to God!

Where did the manufacturing, production, the labor go? This is still the greatest country in the world, given to us by God to bless us, along with our governmental systems and Constitution!

I thank God every day for what we have: and with God in control; we shall get all or most of it back again!

With faith in God, I am.


Donald E. Tucker


Talk to your kids about tobacco

Dear Editor,

Halloween is so much fun for kids to dress up and run from door to door. Parents love the chill in the air as they drink hot coffee while following their children through the neighborhood.

We know how much kids love candy and all the flavors. Have you noticed how many candy flavors are similar to flavors of tobacco products? Vape juices come in almost every flavor you can think of! Why? It is easy to go from flavored candy to trying a vape for the first time with your favorite flavor.

This is an intentional hook from the Big Tobacco Industry to grab our children’s attention very early on by advertising these flavors on social media and television. As you check the candy use it as a conversation starter with your child. Remind them of the dangers of using any tobacco products. For more information visit

Working for a Drug Free Shelby County,

Amanda Bishop