While I know expressing my opinion won't matter to most, I feel the need to speak my mind anyway...while I still have the freedom to do so. As a former military man, I can't help but be upset by the current state of our country.

Since President Biden has opened up the border to all these other people, how about taking some of his salary to help care for them? It seems only fair, since he has no problem directing our tax dollars in that direction. It makes no sense to me, as a society, why wouldn't we send the children back to be with their parents in Mexico instead of keeping them here? Instead of shipping these children to other states, why don't they send them back to be with their mothers and family where they belong? There's so much catering being done for other countries, and I wonder if my own grandchildren/great-grandchildren will even have an America to live in? Did the Democrats hate President's Trump's administration so badly that they want to ruin our country to try to prove him wrong? I have an idea... how about a rule that anyone coming here (over 18 yrs. old) needs to serve in our military for two years to prove their serious about becoming an American citizen, before they can have the privilege to vote?

I wonder how one man in Washington can make so many changes in such a short amount of time without the approval of Congress? I thought he had to run things by them and go through a process to change laws. I guess I was wrong. How can one man be so empowered that he can close the pipelines, open the boarder, and hurt so many legal citizens in a matter of days?

It seems totally hypocritical to watch politicians stand before our flag and wear flag pins, all the while proclaiming to love America, as they try to dismantle our Constitution and take away our freedoms. A lot of men and women have died in order for them to have these freedoms.

And while I'm at it.... There's so much entitlement now, and I have to question, why should half the people have to take care of the other half that doesn't want to work? I've seen so much happen in the last year, and it seems like the terrorists are still winning. Things are still shut down, disorganized, and people remain divided. Isn't this still the United States of America? When one party tries to control everything and push their will on everyone else, doesn't that sound more like Communism? As china grows stronger, I wonder if they laugh while watching our country self-destruct... knowing that they don't have to do a thing but watch it happen. It's all very sad.

Ora Shugert