My son Brett has wisely chosen to bring his lunch to work every day, avoiding dining in restaurants during the pandemic. I asked him what he was taking to eat in his company’s break room, and his response was: frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I had never heard of these and bought a box out of curiosity (you have to defrost them first) and now I’m hooked on the stupid things. In fact, I have to hide them in the downstairs freezer behind the Healthy Choice dinners. If my wife finds out what I have been paying for this rip-off, she may never microwave anything good for me again.

I also discovered another peanut butter innovation. Not sure how I missed it before, because apparently, it’s been around for several years. It’s called a Candwich, a product name that was tested with thousands of potential consumers and produced the fewest number of people sticking their forefinger in their mouth and pretending to gag.