Shelby News BB Tab Budget

Contact: Kris Mills at 317-967-5016 with any questions.

Notes: 10 team previews with 10 photos, 2 all-county team stories with 1 photo each and 1 extra story. Each team (10) will also have a team schedule if space allows?

Content for BB Tab

Cover photos: 211123-SN-BB Tab cover photos (I gave four photos for the front. One main photo which is BIG and the other three can be smaller secondary shots.)

Title: The Shelbyville News’ Boys & Girls Basketball Season Preview

Teaser on front: Battle with Q: Read more about Morristown senior Quinton Batton inside.

First Page: 211123-SN-Batton story BB tab (two photos, one main and one secondary)

Next: All-County Teams (2)


211028-SN-preseason team (one photo of the preseason player of the year attached)


211117-SN-Preseason All-County (one photo of the preseason player of the year attached)

Next: Team Previews; 1 photo each story

(All stories are ready unless otherwise noted, all photos are in)


211102-SN-SHS basketball story

211123-SN-Shelbyville boys BB Tab (not ready)


211103-SN-SW girls preview

211123-SN-Southwestern boys BB Tab

Triton Central

211110-SN-TC hoops

211123-SN-TC boys BB Tab


211106-SN-MT preview

211123-SN-Morristown boys BB Tab (not ready)


211105-SN-WHS preview

211123-SN-Waldron boys BB Tab (not ready)